Oryza Sativa (Rice) Home
Germplasm: 137769
WGS Germplasm: 6345
WGS Sample: 7010
Traits: 130
Values: 4786640
Loci: 95325
Locus Genotypes: 1980767
Nip SNP: 14850931
Nip InDel: 2250804
R498 SNP: 13278107
R498 InDel: 2387538
Named Gene: 13219
Described Trait: 4821
Verified Alleles: 94
Reference Genome:
Japonica Nipponbare (Nip)
Indica ShuHui498 (R498)
RNA-Seq Datasets:
Tissue: 20
Stage: 45
Datasets: 175

Molecular Breeding Knowledgebase (MBKbase) is a part of the Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS (class A) for "Molecular Module-based Designer Breeding Systems".
This is a integrated database which collected population next-generation sequencing, germplasm resources, phenotypic and various genomics data.
Our website provide both locus genotying and custom genotyping, the relationship between genotype and phenotype can be associated displayed.
May 22,2019 Top
MBKbase Update:
KnownGene have been updated, three WGS population data have been loaded to database, and a new phylogenetic tree including most of sample were generated, details see Population columns.
In tools menu, we replace GBrowse with JBrowse, and a new WebArray tools have been developed.
Dec. 14,2018
SNP/InDel Update:
The SNP/InDel of R498-reference have been loaded database, the genome annotation of R498 and Nip have been updated to V3, and all unified loci genotyping data also been updated.
Nov. 28,2018
Add More Function:
In tools menu, G2G-Map( and sequence download), query genotype by sequence are available; In CustomGT page, the genotyping of multi-loci combination query have been developed.
June 01,2018
Add Submit Function:
In tools menu, Submit is available, You can submit a VCF sample and will generate an online report in real-time.
May 02,2018
Add Search by Genotype:
In germplasm home page, a new function of germplasm search by genotype was be added, which provides three custom filtering method: Position GT, Locus GT and Verified GT. You can set the complex logic query options.