Oryza Sativa (Rice) Home
Germplasm: 128363
WGS Germplasm: 5136
WGS Sample: 5542
Traits: 180
Values: 4495566
Locus: 202499
Locus Genotype: 2866205
Nip SNP: 14850931
Nip InDel: 2250804
Named Gene: 13530
Described Trait: 4710
Verified Alleles: 80
Population Sample:
Rice3k: 3030
MBK: 1161
HB950: 950
Japan174: 174
Reference Genome:
Japonica Nipponbare (Nip)
Indica ShuHui498 (R498)
RNA-Seq Datasets:
Tissue: 20
Stage: 45
Datasets: 175
April 20,2018 Top
MBKbase v1.0 Online:
Molecular Breeding Knowledgebase (MBKbase) is a part of the Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS (class A) for "Molecular Module-based Designer Breeding Systems".
This is a integrated database which collected population next-generation sequencing, germplasm resources, phenotypic and various genomics data.
Our website provide both Locus Genotying and Custom Genotyping,the genotype and phenotype can be associated displayed.
June 01,2018
Add Submit Function:
In tools menu, Submit is available, You can submit a VCF sample and will generate an online report in real-time.
May 05,2018
Add Search by Genotype:
In germplasm home page, a new function of germplasm search by genotype was be added, which provides three custom filtering method: Position GT, Locus GT and Verified GT. You can set the complex logic query options.
May 02,2018
Add HB950 Population:
950 low-coverage sequencing rice sample were added which come form WGAS paper "Genome-wide association study of flowering time and grain yield traits in a worldwide collection of rice germplasm." The low-coverage sample only used to query in germplasm home page.
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