Class subCalss Trait ID Trait Name EN. Trait Name CN.
Abiotic_stress Cold SPCT Shooting Phase Cold Tolerence 发芽期耐冷性
Abiotic_stress Cold BSCT Booting Stage Cold Tolerence 孕穗期耐冷性
Abiotic_stress Salt SPST Shooting Phase Salt Tolerence 发芽期耐盐性
Abiotic_stress Salt SSST Seedling Stage Salt Tolerence 苗期耐盐
Abiotic_stress Alkali SPAT Shooting Phase Alkali Tolerance 发芽期耐碱性
Abiotic_stress Drought LSDT Late Stage Drought Tolerence 后期抗旱
Abiotic_stress Drought WSDT Whole Stages Drought Tolerance 全生育期抗旱性
Abiotic_stress Cold SSCT Seedling Stage Cold Tolerence 苗期耐寒
Abiotic_stress Cold BPCT Budding Phase Cold Tolerence 芽期耐寒
Abiotic_stress Cold FSCT Flowering Stage Cold Tolerence 花期耐寒
Abiotic_stress Drought SSDT Seedling Stage Drought Tolerence 苗期抗旱
Agronomical Phenology MD Maturing Date 成熟期
Agronomical Phenology DFSH Days To 80% Headed 齐穗期
Agronomical Yield TGW 1000-grain Weight 千粒重
Agronomical Yield GYP Grain Yield Per Plant 实际单株产量
Agronomical Yield SGNP Sterial Grain Number Per Plant 单株瘪粒数
Agronomical Yield SGWP Sterial Grain Weight Per Plant 单株瘪粒重
Agronomical Yield BGNP Blighted Grain Number Per Plant 单株空壳数
Agronomical Yield FGNP Filled Grain Number Per Plant 单株实粒数
Agronomical Yield TPW Panicle Weight Per Plant 总穗重
Agronomical Habitat LU Lowland Or Upland Rice 水陆性
Agronomical Biological SW Stem Weight 茎干干重
Agronomical Resistance GERE General Resistance 一般抗性
Agronomical Morphology RPT Rice Plant Type 株型
Agronomical Yield CPAS Cumulative Promotion Area (hm2) 累计推广面积(万hm2)和年份跨度
Agronomical Yield MAPA Maximum Annual Promotion Area (hm2) 最大年推广面积(万hm2)和年份
Agronomical Biological Lsen Leaf Senescence 叶片衰老
Agronomical Yield SGNS Sterial Grain Number Per Panicle 穗瘪粒数
Agronomical Yield EPPM Effective Panicles Per Mu 亩有效穗数
Agronomical Phenology FFD Days To 1stFlowering 开花期
Agronomical Phenology AAT Active Accumulated Temperature 活动积温
Agronomical Phenology AAVR Annual Average Rainfall 年均降雨量
Agronomical Phenology SPAR Suitable For Planting Area 适宜种植地区
Agronomical Yield GYPM Grain Yield Per Mu 一般亩产
Agronomical Phenology Mde Mature Appearance 熟相
Agronomical Yield ETP Percentage Of Earbearing Tiller 成穗率
Agronomical Phenology MP Maturation Period 熟期性
Agronomical Phenology HD Heading Date(50%) 抽穗期
Agronomical Phenology SM Days From Seeding To Maturity 全生育期
Agronomical,Abiotic_stress Tolerance,Lodging LODG Lodging (Culm Strength) 倒伏性
Agronomical,Abiotic_stress Tolerance,Poorsoid BAES Barren Tolerance 耐瘠性
Agronomical,Abiotic_stress Tolerance,Cold CRES Cold Tolerence 耐寒性
Agronomical,Abiotic_stress Tolerance,Drought DRES Drought Tolerance 耐旱性
Agronomical,Abiotic_stress Tolerance,Salt SRES Salt Tolerance 耐盐碱性
Agronomical,Biotic_stress Resistance,Insect RPR Rice Planthopper Resistance 稻飞虱抗性
Agronomical,Biotic_stress Resistance,Fungus BLB Blight Resistance 白叶枯病抗性
Agronomical,Biotic_stress Resistance,Virus RSV Rice Stripe Virus 条纹叶枯病抗性
Agronomical,Biotic_stress Resistance,Fungus RB Blast Resistance 稻瘟病抗性
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Plant PH Plant Height 株高
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle GRSH Panicle Shattering 落粒性
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle MDP Mean Diameter Of Neck-panicle Node Per Plant 单株穗颈节直径平均值
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Tiller MTN Mean Tiller Number 平均分蘖数
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle FGNS Filled Grain Number Per Panicle 穗实粒数
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Culm CL Culm Length 茎杆长
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle GRPP Grains Per Panicle 穗粒数
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle PN Panicle Numbers 有效穗数
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle GDD Grain Distribution Density 着粒密度
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Panicle PL Panicle Length 穗长
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle FGWP Filled Grain Weight Per Plant 单株实粒重
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle TGNP Total Grain Number Per Plant 单株总粒数
Agronomical,Morphological Phenology,Floret FloR Flowering Time Range 花时范围
Agronomical,Morphological Spikelet,Panicle SLNP Spikelet Number Per Panicle 穗颖花数
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Grain CarW Caryopsis Width 颖果宽度
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Grain CarL Caryopsis Length 颖果长度
Agronomical,Morphological Yield,Panicle TSN Total Spike Number 总穗数
Agronomical,Morphological Phenology,Floret FloP Flowering Time Peak 花时高峰
Agronomical,Morphological Morphology,Panicle PanT Panicle Type 穗型
Agronomical,Quality Quality,Cook&Taste SQ Starch Quality 粘糯性
Agronomical,Quality Quality,Appearance UGR Weight Ratio Of Unconsummated Grain 不完善粒
Agronomical,Quality Quality,Nutrient STCT Starch Content Of Brown Rice 总淀粉
Biotic_stress Insect WPH White-backed Planthopper 白背飞虱
Biotic_stress Fungus SB Seedling Blast 苗瘟
Biotic_stress Fungus PB Panicle Blast 穗瘟(穗颈瘟)
Biotic_stress Fungus LB Leaf Blast 叶瘟
Biotic_stress Fungus NNB Neck Node Blast 穗节瘟病
Biotic_stress Bacteria BS Bacterial Stripe 细菌性条斑病
Biotic_stress Fungus NB Neck Blast 穗茎瘟病
Biotic_stress Fungus BSR Brown Spot 胡麻斑病
Biotic_stress Insect BR Borer Resistance 螟虫抗性
Biotic_stress Bacteria LRD Lesion Resembling Disease 水稻类病变
Biotic_stress Insect BPH Brown Planthopper 褐飞虱抗性
Biotic_stress Fungus SBD Sheath Blight Damage 纹枯病抗性
Biotic_stress Fungus BAKD Bakanae Disease 恶苗病抗性
Germplasm_info Datasource DSIS Data Sources Sub Class 数据亚类
Germplasm_info Datasource DSACC Data Sources Acc. No. 来源库编号
Germplasm_info Datasource DSL Data Sources Literature 数据参考文献
Germplasm_info Origin_info ORI Origin Country 原产地(国家)
Germplasm_info Datasource DSI Data Sources Institutions 数据来源
Germplasm_info Classification SG Variety Group By SNP SNP类群
Germplasm_info Origin_info OLA Latitude Direction 产地纬度
Germplasm_info Origin_info OLO Longitude Direction 产地经度
Germplasm_info Origin_info OAL Altitude 产地海拔高度
Germplasm_info Preservation PU Preservation Unit 保存单位
Germplasm_info Breeding SELU Breeding Institutions 选育单位
Germplasm_info Breeding APPN Approval Of Number 审定编号
Germplasm_info Breeding APPU Approval Of Unit 审定单位
Germplasm_info Breeding APPY Approval Year 审定年份
Germplasm_info Breeding FAMI Family Pedigree 选育组合
Germplasm_info Breeding BYear Breeding Year 育成年份
Germplasm_info Classification SP Species Name 种名
Germplasm_info Classification VARN Variety Name 品种名称
Germplasm_info Classification VG Variety Group 类型亚群
Germplasm_info Fertility FERT Fertility 结实率
Morphological Leaf LigP Ligule Pubescence 叶舌茸毛
Morphological Leaf Lnum Main Stem Leaf Number 主茎叶片数
Morphological Panicle MSL Mean Diameter Of Fith-neck-panicle Node 五穗穗颈节直径平均值
Morphological Floret,Spikelet SLemS Sterile Lemma Shape 护颖形状
Morphological Floret,Spikelet SLemL Sterile Lemma Length 护颖长短
Morphological Floret AntD Anther Dehiscence Degree 花药开裂程度
Morphological Floret AntS Anther Shape 花药形状
Morphological Floret AntC Anther Colour 花药颜色
Morphological Floret AntL Anther Length 花药长度
Morphological Floret AwnL Awn Length 芒长
Morphological Floret AwnD Awn Distribution 芒分布
Morphological Floret STEX Stigma Exsertion 柱头外露率
Morphological Seedling ColC Coleoptile Color 芽鞘色
Morphological Seedling SBL Seed Bud Length 芽长
Morphological Culm CulN Culm Number 茎间数目
Morphological Leaf FLA Flag Leaf Angle 剑叶角度
Morphological Leaf FLW Flag Leaf Width 剑叶宽度
Morphological Leaf FLL Flag Leaf Length 剑叶长度
Morphological Leaf MLW Mean Leaf Width 平均叶宽
Morphological Leaf MLL Mean Leaf Length 平均叶长
Morphological Leaf LS Leaf Size 叶大小
Morphological Leaf AurC Auricle Color 叶耳颜色
Morphological Leaf LA Leaf Angle 叶角
Morphological Leaf LBW Leaf Blade Width 叶宽
Morphological Leaf Lcur Leaf Curl 叶片卷曲度
Morphological Leaf LBPU Blade Pubescence 叶片茸毛
Morphological Leaf LBCO Blade Colour 叶片色
Morphological Leaf LSCO Leaf Sheath Colour 叶鞘色
Morphological Leaf LigS Ligule Shape 叶舌形状
Morphological Leaf ligC Ligule Color 叶舌颜色
Morphological Leaf Ltype Leaf Type 叶型
Morphological Leaf LBL Leaf Blade Length 叶长
Morphological Leaf LBWR Length-width Ratio For Leaf 叶长宽比
Morphological Leaf PilC Collar Color 叶枕颜色
Morphological Floret AwnC Awn Color 芒色
Morphological Culm CulC Culm Node Colour 茎节颜色
Morphological Culm CulIC Culm Internode Colour 茎节间色
Morphological Seedling SH Seeding Height 苗高
Morphological Panicle GYS Grain Yield Per Panicle 单穗粒重
Morphological Grain GR Grain Perimeter 籽粒圆度
Morphological Floret APCS Apiculas Curve Or Straight 颖尖弯直
Morphological Leaf BLSC Basal Leaf Sheath Color 基生叶鞘色
Morphological Culm CulS Culm Strength 茎杆强度
Morphological Leaf Ltex Leaf Texture 叶质
Morphological Floret LemC Lemma And Palea Color 稃色(颖壳色)
Morphological Panicle SSB Spikelets Secondary Branching 穗二级分枝
Morphological Floret Awn Awn 芒性
Morphological Culm CulD Culm Diameter 茎杆粗细
Morphological Floret,Spikelet SLemC Sterile Lemma Colour 护颖颜色
Morphological Floret STCO Stigma Colour 柱头色
Morphological Floret LemCA Lemma Palea Color At Anthesis 稃颜色(开花期)
Morphological Floret LemP Lemma And Palea Pubescence 稃软毛(颖毛)
Morphological Panicle PEX Panicle Exsertion 穗抽出度
Morphological Panicle PanA Panicle Axis 穗轴
Morphological Floret APCO Apiculas Colour 颖尖色
Morphological Culm CulA Culm Compact 茎集散
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GD Grain Diameter 籽粒直径
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GP Grain Perimeter 籽粒周长
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GW Grain Width 籽粒宽度
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance LWRG Grain Shape 粒型
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GL Grain Length 籽粒长度
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GFD Grain-filling Degree 籽粒充实度
Morphological,Quality Grain,Appearance GSA Grain Surface Area 籽粒表面积
Quality Appearance CHK Chalkiness 垩白大小
Quality Appearance CGG Chalky Grain Grade 垩白度
Quality Appearance CGP Chalky Grain Percentage 垩白粒率
Quality Appearance YGR Weight Ratio Of Yellow Rice Grain 黄粒米
Quality Appearance HRW Head Rice Wide 精米粒宽
Quality Appearance HRL Head Rice Length 精米粒长
Quality Appearance HLWRG Length-width Ratio For Head Rice 精米长宽比
Quality Appearance RT Transparency 透明度
Quality Cook&Taste AROM Aroma 香味
Quality Cook&Taste GLE Gel Consistency 胶稠度
Quality Nutrient Lys Lysine Content Of Grain (Brown Rice) 赖氨酸含量
Quality Nutrient Fat Fat Content Of Head Rice 脂肪含量
Quality Nutrient Iron Iron Content Of Head Rice 铁含量
Quality Nutrient Zinc Zinc Content Of Head Rice 锌含量
Quality Grinding CGR Weight Ratio Of Crushed Grain 碎米率
Quality Grinding SCGR Weight Ratio Of Small Crushed Grain 小碎米率
Quality Nutrient WCG Water Content Of Grain 籽粒含水量
Quality Appearance MDe Maturity Degree 成熟度
Quality Appearance CRYm Maturity Decomplete Grain Ym 全粒Ym
Quality Appearance WDCG Whiteness Degree Of Complete Grain 全粒白度
Quality Appearance HRYm Head Rice Ym 整精米Ym
Quality Appearance WDHR Whiteness Degree Of Head Rice 整精米白度
Quality Cook&Taste GQ Grain Quality 米质
Quality Cook&Taste EQ Eating Quality 食味品质
Quality Grinding GRTH Panicle Threshability 脱粒性
Quality Cook&Taste GLTM Gelatinization Temperature 糊化温度(碱消值)
Quality Grinding PRPT Percentage Of Polished Rice 精米率
Quality Appearance SCCO Seed Coat Color 种皮色(米色)
Quality Cook&Taste AMYP Amylopectin Content 支链淀粉含量
Quality Cook&Taste BRAC Amylose Content 直链淀粉含量
Quality Grinding BRPT Percentage Of Brown Rice 糙米率
Quality Grinding HRPT Percentage Of Head Rice 整精米率
Quality Nutrient BRPC Protein Content Of Brown Rice 蛋白质含量
Quality Nutrient HrPro Protein Content Of Head Rice 精米蛋白质含量
Sample_info Cultivated SD Sample Seeding Date 播种日期
Sample_info Provenance POAL Plant Location Altitude 种植地点海拔
Sample_info Collection PLOC Plant Location 种植地点
Sample_info Collection SCS Sample Collection Source 样品来源
Sample_info Collection SHD Sample Heading Date 抽穗日期
Sample_info Cultivated SSD Sample Seeding Date 样品播种日期
Sample_info Collection DCT Data Collection Year 数据采集时间
Sample_info Provenance POLO Plant Location Longitude 种植地点经度
Sample_info Provenance POLA Plant Location Latitude 种植地点纬度
Sample_info Seedsource SS Seed Source 种子来源地
Sample_info Cultivated CON Soil Condition 土地处理