Germplasms in MBKBase were collected from 《中国水稻品种及其系谱》(林世成,闵绍楷. 上海科学技术出版社, 1991), 《中国水稻遗传育种与品种系谱(1986-2005)》(万建民. 中国农业出版社, 2010), CHINA RICE DATA CENTER,, The 3,000 rice genomes project, Yano Kenji, et al,. Nature Genetics. (2016). 48:927-934, and other resources.

Pedigree charts, components, SNP distribution, similar germplasms were constructed using genotypes of those germplasms.

By now, there are 4231 germplasms and 4369 samples in MBKBase. Also 1046 pedigree charts, 4369 components, and 1342 SNP distribution charts were stored in MBKBase.