For rice, you can retrieve a gene summary using a MBK Locus (e.g., OsG00016902), a MSU ID (e.g., LOC_Os01g66100), an IRGSP/RAP ID (e.g., Os01g0883800), a MBK ID (e.g., OsNipG0105661100.01),or a gene symbol (e.g., SD1). Search for SNPs and haplotype by gene name and germplasm name, like LOC_Os01g05630+MELEKE.
Search for Sequence by gene name and germplasm name, like LOC_Os01g05630, or LOC_Os01g05630 + MELEKE.

For other species, validate search example are: AtColG0100218800.01, BdG0306207500.01, GoHirG0022861500.01, GoHir1G0026690900.01, ZmB73G0514741300.01, GmWilG1818793500.01, SlHeiG0909962300.01, OsR498G0102466500.01, TaG3B06092600.01

Search for SNPs or Genes in a region.

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You can input a range to search SNPs.

Genotypes in MBKBase have lots of information, such as gene location, gene structure, functional annotation, SNP/Indel, haplotype, gene family information and so on.

Samples used for genotype analysis were collected from The 3,000 rice genomes project, Yano Kenji, et al,. Nature Genetics. (2016). 48:927-934, and other resources.

Using evidence-based gene predicton method, genesets of 8 species which predicted and named as MBKV1 were stored in MBKBase.

For rice, genome sequences of Oryza Japonica Nipponbare, Oryza Indica Shuihui498 were taken as references. Also MSUV7, RAPV1 and other known genesets of rice were collected and stored in MBKBase. MBK Locus were generated from combination of MBKV1, MSUV7, RAPV1, other known genesets.