Sample Detail Page

This independent page URL:{species}/germplasm/sample/{pro}/{sample_id}

{species} : species name, such as "rice".

{pro}:  source of project

{sample_id} : original sample number from the project

This page  includes five models:

  • Base Information (see below)
  • Sample in SNP-Tree (click sample id will go to a new page show this sample position in tree, detail see "Sample in Tree").
  • Sample Component (click sample id will go to a new page show all chromosome component base on four major subgroup).
  • SNP/InDel Distribute
  • SNP/InDel Detail table
  • Verified Position Alleles

SNP/InDel Distribute

SNP/InDel density distribution on the chromosome, note that the y coordinate value is the log2 of  variations number.

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