Population Home Page

This module shows the base information of sequenced population that were collected in our database.

Truck of Phylogenesis Tree

This module shows the topology structure of the phylogenesis tree that have been generated by using whole genome SNP in off-line .

Project (drop-down list): choose the tree that you want to display population, "ALL" option will show the tree structure of all sample in database.

SubTree Sample: filtered the parent-node that will display in the tree according to the number of leaf nodes.

Germpalsm: if show the typical germplasms in the tree

Draw Tree: choose display the tree in a circular or rectangular, If choose rectangular tree, you can click all the parent node and view the detailed structure of the subtree.

Germplasm/Sample: find a variety or sample in the tree according the name, click "Add one", this sample will be added and displayed in tree,  you can add multiple sample consecutive. click "Remove" button will remove all added sample.

Select node (red font) by click in the tree can display the detailed structure of the subtree in below module.

Detail of SubTree

This module displays the detailed structure of a subtree that be selected in above truck tree view.

Show Name: the radio button can switch between sample name and variety name which to be show in the tree.

Click leaf node will open a new page that go to sample detail page ("Sample Detail").

Distribution of SubTree:

This module displays the detailed geographic distribution of  all samples in the subtree that be selected in above view.

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