Phenotype Trait Detail Page

This independent page URL:{species}/phenotype/byTraitName/{type}/{Trait ID}

{species} : species name, such as "rice".

{type}: sample or germ

{trait ID}: trait ID (ex. HD).

This page  includes three models:

  • Summary
  • Germplasm level values list and distribution
  • Sample level values list and distribution


This module shows the definition of the phenotypic traits, is the record number of this trait values that come from germplasm database, ② is the record number come from WGS sample database. The detail records table and statistical distribution of this trait values will display in below module, and ② will display separately.

Trait values list and distribution module (Germplasm Level):

This module shows all values and distribution of this trait (HD) . In values list table, red box show trait value, ① provides a fuzzy search function for custom selected column.

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