Genotype Detail Page

This independent page URL:

   for Locus genotype:{species}/{ref}/{Locus}/genotypeDetails/{GT_ID}

   for custom genotype:{species}/genotypeDetails/temp/{Temp_ID}

{species} : species name, such as "rice".

{ref} :  reference genome,  such as "nip".

{Locus} : unified Locus ID, such as "OsG00016902".

{GT_ID} : Locus genotype ID, such as "T3".

{Temp_ID} :

This page includes five models:

  • Genome Sequence
  • Sample Distribution (Geographical)
  • Sample List
  • Phenotype List
  • Trait Distribution

Genome Sequence

Based on the reference genome, replace with the genotype variation sequence in corresponding position, including both SNP and InDel variation.

Sample Distribution

This model show the all sample geographical distribution that have the same genotype of the locus, click the mark on map will show detail information. Notice, however, some sample without GPS information, some have multiple GPS information.

Sample List

This table model show all sample list of this genotype, click row will show this sample GPS information on above map.

Phenotype List

This model show all sample phenotype traits value record number. Notice, however, some sample without trait value, some have multiple values. click on the corresponding trait icon, the distribution of all values will show in below diagram.

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