Genotype Compare Page

This page provides a genotype comparison function between two germplasms or samples.

The comparison results could be show through below three aspects:

  • The distance of both in the SNP-tree: click ① will go to "Sample in Tree" page which show both samples in the SNP-Tree.
  • The distribution of the same genotype on the chromosome: see below
  • Both samples all genotype list table: see below

Compare genotype list and distribution:

In loucs number distribution figure, red column line is symmetrical, mean this two samples contain the same number of genotypes, purple column line shows the genotype number of low frequency or the locus number which missed mapping reads.

①: Hovering the mouse on line, will show the location range and the number of locus. Clicking the line will active the genotype search of corresponding chromosome region, the search results will display in the table below.

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